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I have been playing piano for over 16 years (10 of those professionally), and I am in my third year of teaching private piano lessons. I graduated with a Music Education degree from Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN, and taught elementary music for three years in Clarksville, TN. 

In addition to school teaching, I have experience in accompanying community plays. I was music director and piano accompanist for three theatrical productions at Nite Lite Children’s Theater in Trenton, TN. I also have background in accompanying collegiate vocal students and a university choral group. 

I possess a Missouri teaching certificate for vocal music and am in the process of obtaining certification with the Missouri Music Teachers Association (MMTA). The most important credential I posses, however, is love and passion for piano and teaching.

Why Learn Piano?

For young developing minds, piano is very closely intertwined with mathematics making music and math very relatable. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns.

It also helps to develop physical skills. Certain instruments, such as percussion, help children develop coordination and motor skills; they require movement of the hands, arms, and feet.

For many there is a question of how young can a child begin learning piano? Beginner Piano is offered to 1st-12th grade students (ages 6-18). Accommodations can be made for more advanced students if desired.

When are lessons offered? 30 minute lessons are offered once a week through the months of August-May.

How can you obtain more information on beginning or continuing your piano skills? Please contact me below.

Special Events

Whether it’s a simple wedding ceremony or celebrating an anniversary, it’s always nice to entertain your guests with subtle piano in the background as everyone enjoys the company of family and friends. 

We not only provided recommendations for the music that best suits your event, but we will also accept requests if provided sufficient notice.

Rates are determined but the number of hours requested  by the host and advance notification is requested for musical selections.

Theatrical Performance

When putting on a theatrical performance, music always follows closely behind whether it be with live musicians, a single piano or a recorded accompaniment track.

With over 16 years experience in professional performance accompaniment we can help bring your play to life.

Rates apply based on complexity of musical score, additional recorded rehearsal tracks, and live stage rehearsals.


Piano Lessons

  • Available spots are secured on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  • Lessons are offered August-May. Summer lessons are not offered.
  • In the event that schools are out (holidays, breaks, etc.), there will be no piano lessons. Notification will be given.
  • If a student is unable to attend their piano lesson, please notify me within an hour of your child’s scheduled lesson.
  • Any materials (i.e. piano books, sheet music, etc.) for student will be an additional cost and will only be charged as they are purchased.
  • All students are required to bring their books when they arrive for their scheduled lessons will continue but will incur a $5 charge for not bringing the appropriate tools.
  • What age is it recommended I start my child in piano lessons? I recommend  starting at age 8 or older if the interest is there.
  • How young do you accept for piano lessons? I accept as young as 6 years old (1st grade). After a year of school, they have developed both the physical and mental maturity to participate in lessons.
  • My child is currently taking lessons from another teacher. Can he take lessons from you at the same time he is taking lessons from another teacher? I understand many parents would like their child to obtain as much knowledge as possible about the instrument, but I do not recommend taking lessons from more than one teacher at a time. Discrepancies in teaching styles will hinder the student’s progress and will be more time consuming and frustrating.
  • If my child wants to learn a particular song or type of music, can the lessons be constructed around that? A student is welcome to provide input on pieces of music when asked. However, it is recommended all students complete one year of basic instruction before beginning other piano music challenges.
  • Is there a penalty if my child does not wish to continue piano after receiving a few lessons? Both the parent and student should be confident they wish to complete at least a semester’s worth of piano, but the student can discontinue lessons with no penalty.
  • Am I able to schedule a specific time? How does the “first come first serve” work? For new students, our communication starts when you contact me. From there, we will discuss available days and times from which to choose. For returning piano students, they are automatically given their previous piano time with the option to change if desired.

Special Events

  • Piano performances for special events such as professional events, organization events, weddings, etc, require notification for any need of services at least one month prior to the event as well as any special musical requests you would like to have played.
  • If there are no specific songs requested then songs will be chosen by me to fit the occasion.
  • All songs will be sent for approval prior to the event.
  • For local performances, the only charges incurred will be based on the amount of hours requested to play at the event.
  • For performances outside of local area, a small additional charge will be added for travel expenses to and from the event location.

Theatrical Accompaniment

  • For theatrical performances for university, middle school, high school, or community theater, notification is requested 3 months in advance in order to the prepare for the music and be able to tailor the accompaniment to the performance and songs to be used. It is of necessity that there be access to a copy of the conductor’s score for cuts and transitions.
  • Payment for live theatrical  accompaniment will be determined on the length of performance as well as additions to the actual performance accompaniment (i.e. rehearsals, performances, etc)
  • For pre-recorded accompaniment based on director’s requests for specific cuts in music aside from what is written, there is an hourly charge only for the time spent in actually recording the music.

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