Learning Sounds on the Piano

Learning Black Keys

Learning Steady Beat

Bill Grogan’s Goat


3/28/18 - 

We had fun in voice today. We reviewed our breathing and our Do Re Mi scale. We also timed how long we could hold out notes! We recorded Bill Grogan’s goat, learning how to match pitch and repeat after the teacher. You also sang Better Place while I played piano. It sounded great. Can’t wait to have you for lessons permanently!

3/07/18 - 

Another great lesson! We learned steady beat and practiced our finger numbers on the piano. We also learned how to read note direction (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). In two weeks, we’ll start our voice lessons. You’re doing so well! See you in two weeks!

2/28/18 - 

I’m so excited to have you for trial lessons! We learned  a lot today! We learned sounds on the piano, learned the structure of the piano (white keys/black keys), and we learned our finger numbers. We’ll do piano again next week, and then we’ll start voice the next two lessons after that. See you next week!