Hot Cross Buns Duet

Feb 19

Twinkle Twinkle Tutorial

All the Pretty Little Horses Feb 19

All the Pretty Little Horses (Piano)


2/19/18 -

Piano: We worked on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and keeping a steady beat. Work on Twinkle Twinkle at home.

Voice: We are learning a new song called “All the Pretty Little Horses.” There’s an audio file here on the site. I’ll put my voice singing the song this weekend, but follow the piano notes for the melody of the song. Keep up the good work!

2/12/18 -

Piano: We worked on our donut hand and played Hot Cross Buns together. Work on it at home. You’re doing great.

Voice: We learned how to hold our mouths while we sing and learned Do Re Mi. We’ll have a voice book next time.