Scenic Train Ride (Reading 2nd Intervals)


3/20/18 - 

Great job, as always :) We recorded a duet on Scenic Train Ride. Great job on reading 2nd intervals so quickly. We reviewed intervals and how to read them. We also learned a new note today, bass G. Practice Planetarium at home this week. See you next week!

3/06/18 - 

Great job today! We reviewed Middle C and Treble G, and we added Bass Clef F today. We also learned how to read 2nd intervals and steps on the staff. We played a duet on your pedal song. You even composed your own song today on Middle C and G! It sounded beautiful. See you in two weeks!

2/27/18 - 

Another great lesson! We learned the staff (bass clef and treble clef) and time signatures. We also learned how to read notes on the staff today. Our first note is Middle C. Enjoy our Middle C March :) See you next week!

2/20/18 - 

Great job today! You’re a natural. We learned 2nd and 3rd intervals today, and also reviewed where our CDE notes and FGAB notes are. Enjoy our Rhythm & Blues duet and your solo on third intervals. See you next week!