An Online Piano Course For Kids

Say goodbye to boring piano lessons!

This all-in-one online beginner’s piano course  for young kids (ages 5-10) is fun and interactive!

Not only will your child learn the basics of the piano in a fun and creative way, but they’ll be inspired to create their own music and love it for a lifetime!

When I was 10 years old, my parents gave me the gift of my first piano lesson. I fell in love at first sight! I loved playing piano, listening to music, singing… all of it. I even went to college for a music education degree and started teaching piano lessons right away. 

When I started teaching, there was a sad reality that I noticed about the piano teaching world. Lessons were not FUN. Kids rarely stayed in music lessons over 1 year, and worse, they weren’t enjoying it.

That’s when I decided to be different.

In 2020, I started my online music studio. Since then, it has been filled to the brim of kids who love music and are having fun! Music theory and technique are a part of it, yes, but it means nothing if they don’t LOVE it.

Your child deserves to feel a connection to music, to create it, to have FUN with it, while also learning the basics that they can build upon.

Are you ready for your child to have a fun music lesson experience? Kids Play Piano is for you!

Ms. Emily

We have tried a few music teachers. Ms. Emily is by far the most fun (the kids LOVE her) and professional (Mom LOVES her).

She strikes the perfect balance between rigor and relaxed fun. 

Ms. Emily has incredible patience as my daughter worked out her passions and talent. She gently guided my daughter and honored her interests, even learning songs she loves from YouTube!

Ms. Emily knows her craft so well and is excited to share music with others. She comes highly recommended from this Momma.

7 lessons with kid-friendly instructional videos of Ms. Emily teaching songs, music theory, and technique. Perfect for students just starting in piano!

PDF documents with visuals, guides, and sheet music to practice at home

Fun composing and improvising activities (something most piano lessons are MISSING!)

Printable games and activities to use at home

7 weeks of LIVE group lessons with Ms. Emily Via Zoom.

These lessons are recorded if your child cannot attend live.

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